Use Etched Vinyl Window Graphics for Privacy

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Use Etched Vinyl Window Graphics for Privacy

Use Etched Vinyl Window Graphics for Privacy


Window graphics aren’t just about promoting marketing messages. They can be used for decoration and even privacy, as well as creating a specific look on your glass without actually doing anything permanent to it.

For the modern look, glass is all the rage. Glass floors, lots of glass windows, glass sculptures, glass walls, and glass partisans can all contribute to a modern feel. However, with all this glass, how do you achieve privacy?

One answer, of course, is to etch the glass. This process involves using a sandblaster and an air compressor to blast abrasives at high pressure onto the glass’s surface. These hard abrasives then lightly chip the glass to manufacture a frosted appearance. However, this can be expensive, and it’s definitely permanent. You can’t change your mind and de-etch the glass later.

A solution to achieving the sandblasted look without all of the mess and fuss is to install an etched vinyl window graphic directly onto the glass. Using this type of window graphics instead of sandblasting can produce the look of etched glass without all of the hassle.

Another advantage of using etched vinyl window graphics is that they can be removed. If you decide you don’t want the etched look anymore, it peels away like a regular decal. Wipe off any remaining residue, and you’re back to your original clear glass.

Etched window graphics also allows you to place logos on glass panes or to place a large vinyl decal resembling an etched glass panel onto a simple pane of glass for privacy. And if the previous company moved out and you want a new look, it’s easy to remove the old window graphics in favor of new ones with your own logo and brand.

This type of vinyl allows light to move through it, but the material itself is translucent. So you’ll get a level of privacy, but you can still get environmental light and sunlight through the vinyl.

Finally, replacement costs are lower too. If you break a piece of etched glass, you not only have to replace the glass, you have to have it re-etched as well. But with window graphics, you just replace the glass and replace the graphics, which costs less.

To learn more about how to use vinyl window graphics for privacy in your home or your business, please visit the Signarama website. You can also use our online store locator to find your nearest Signarama store.


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